What is a Non-Religious Funeral Ceremony

Funeral Celebrant

I am a Cork based Celebran Ireland and work as a non-church Funeral Celebrant where I perform funerals that are life centred.

The question frequently asked is “What is the difference between a religious and a non-religious funeral ceremony”.  My response is as follows:

A religious ceremony is one where the ceremony is conducted in a church and is a ceremony that looks forward, i.e. they are going to be with God, they are in a better place, they will be in heaven with the angels.

A non-church ceremony is one that looks back over the life of the deceased and is life centred, celebrating that life.  Looking at the person, who they were, the impact they had on their family, their community, their friends, etc.

“But can you still have a removal where family and friends can visit the deceased and their family to pay their respects?”  Yes, you can, the only difference being that the deceased will either stay at their Home or the Funeral Home, instead of being removed to the Church.  This is usually organised with the Funeral Director.

As a Funeral Celebrant I provide non-church funeral ceremonies.  These usually take place in either the Funeral Directors Chapel of Rest or at the Crematorium or Graveside.

A call with the family is important for each ceremony.  This is when I will talk to you about your loved one, discuss the type of ceremony you would like and to gather information for the Funeral or Committal ceremony.


I hold a Diploma as a Funeral Celebrant with accreditation by the UK Society of Celebrants


Held at either the home of the deceased or at the Funeral Director’s Chapel of Rest.  Family, friends, neighbours, colleagues, etc. gather to pay their last respects.  This is usually something arranged between the family and the Funeral Director.

Funeral & Committal ceremony

Usually held at the crematorium or graveside.  I have carried out funeral ceremonies at the Funeral Director’s Chapel of Rest, followed by a brief committal ceremony at either the crematorium or the graveside.

Committal ceremony only

A short ceremony held at the crematorium or graveside.  This includes words about the deceased, a reading, the committal and a final reading, finishing with a favourite piece of music or song.

A non-church funeral can be what you would like it to be

Please contact me to discuss what kind of ceremony you would like, or if you need further information.




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