Broom Jumping

Broom Jumping

This is one of the oldest marriage traditions, predating even the handfast cord. Some scholars have traced the broom-jumping tradition to a centuries-old Welsh custom, priodas coes ysgub, or “broom-stick wedding”.

The broom as it is used today in marriage ceremonies represents the threshold of the home, and jumping the broom is symbolic of entering a new home together. Even if couples are already living together, jumping the broom can symbolise entering a new stage of their relationship, and the leaving behind of old thoughts and behaviours.

Pagans are already familiar with the usage of the broom as a symbolic way of sweeping out old energies and clearing away negativity. This is also a great usage of it in a wedding, and helps the couple to come together with a “clean slate”.

It is recommended that a new broom be purchased for the ceremony to avoid bringing past energies into the ceremony. The broom can be decorated with ribbons, flowers, crystals, charms or other items which the couple would like to help symbolise their “fresh start”.

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