Church or Non-Church?

What are the differences between the different types of Celebrant?

Do I want a Multifaith Celebrant or a Humanist?

Depending on the type of Celebrant you choose, they may, if they are on the Register of Solemnisers, conduct a wedding ceremony where the couple will be legally married after.

If, however, they are an Independent Celebrant, NOT on the Register of Solemnisers, then they will not be able to conduct a wedding ceremony where you are legally married at the end of it.  In this case, the couple will need to also go to the Registrar's office and have their Registration of their marriage conducted there.

You will need to decide what is important to you and make sure you know the qualifications of the Celebrants you are speaking with.

Using either a Solemniser or a Celebrant for your wedding gives you the freedom of your imagination when planning your special day.   You choose the venue, ceremony, songs, poems, vows, etc. to make your ceremony a unique, special and beautiful occasion which reflects your personalities.   The joy and love you feel on starting married life in this unique way together is captured and shared with family and friends.  It really depends on whether you want to be legally married at the end of this ceremony.

With a Celebrant who is not a Registered Solemniser, you can conduct your wedding wherever you want, but it does mean that you will need to look after the legal aspects of your marriage, either before or after this ceremony.

As an HSE Registered Celebrant I can conduct your ceremony anywhere, anytime, including outdoors and can include any elements you want.  You may have a place that is special to you or need help in deciding and choosing.  I can help and advise if asked and can visit the venue with you.

What kind of ceremony do you want?

A Humanist conducts their ceremony in a secular way, so, for example, if you really wanted the tune Angels by Robbie Williams, or perhaps Hallelujah by Jeff Buckley played, then you could not.  Similarly, if you wanted a poem or reading that contained any religious elements, then you could not include this in your ceremony as it is not secular.

The legal bit

First, you will need to give the Registrar (HSE) notice that you intend to marry.  You must give a minimum of three months’ notice, but I would recommend giving more. You need to know the date of your wedding, the venue and the name of your chosen Solemniser.  This information will be sufficient to start the HSE process rolling.

Try and make arrangements with the Registrar for the date and time of your registration as soon as possible.

For your legal wedding ceremony, you will need to have completed the HSE paperwork and bring along your Marriage Registration form issued by the HSE on the day and your Solemniser will use this to marry you legally.  You will also need two people aged over 18 to be present to act as witnesses to the marriage.

The registrar will prepare your Marriage Certificate for you.

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