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Surprise 35th Wedding Anniversary – Vow Renewal Ceremony

It was a changeable summer’s day and a couple that had flown in from Indiana with their grown-up children had no idea how their day was going to change.

I had been liaising with the couple’s daughter, for a number of weeks to organise a surprise Vow Renewal Ceremony for Mike & Kathleen’s 35th wedding anniversary.

The cottage the family had rented was nestled into the foothills of the Kerry mountains, not far from Kate Kearney’s famous cottage.

I arrived, and the garden had been transformed with garden benches and a ceremony table, ready for the ceremony at 5pm.  We hung up the little heart lanterns and other decorations and blew up the balloons and tied them to the benches.  Connor, the couple’s eldest son, was ready with his guitar and was ready to play the three pieces of ceremony music.

The couple arrived to the beautiful music that Connor played on his guitar, after an impromptu visit to a local beauty spot.  They found everyone excited to welcome they home and spring their surprise.  There were beaming faces with big smiles everywhere you looked.

Mike and Kathleen were incredulous, not immediately grasping what was happening and then they started to cry and embrace their children.  Happy tears, tears of joy for the love their children had for them and for organising something so special, personal and unique.

Mike & Kathleen took their seats of honour and the ceremony began, starting with Connor lighting candles to represent those that could not be present, including his brother, Patrick.  Who, unbeknownst to Mike & Kathleen, was due to fly in the very next day as yet another surprise.

Handfasting is something that the ancient Celts practiced, being the origin of the phrases, “Tying the Knot and Bonds of Matrimony”.  We used 3 ribbons, Connor, Bridget and Caitlin placed before I tied the knot with a tying cord.

A ceremonial parchment for the Vow Renewal was signed by all and we finished with a toast to the happy couple with a couple of bottles of fine French fizz, before the family headed off to Kate Kearney’s cottage for a celebration dinner.

Vow renewal ceremonies can be anything you want them to be, together we create the kind of ceremony that represents who you are as a couple and incorporates the things that are important to you.  Whether a surprise or something you plan together, Vow Renewal Ceremonies are joyous, happy occasions.

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Happy after their surprise Vow Renewal Ceremony in the foothills of the Kerry mountains

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