Weddings and Renewal of Vows

A memorable wedding for your special day.  A bespoke and unique ceremony that reflects your character and values at the venue of your choice.


Feel free to contact me without any obligation to either talk on the phone (Tel: 087 352 1588 or by email: to or to arrange a visit where we can discuss how I can help you create your perfect wedding ceremony, whether a Legal ceremony or a Celebrant led celebration ceremony.

As a Registered Solemniser, I write and perform unique, personalised marriage ceremonies.

I will travel to perform whatever type of personalised marriage ceremony you require.  It’s your marriage, so have the ceremony of your dreams.  Your ceremony can be an expression of who you are.


As a Registered Solemniser I perform personalised legal ceremonies at licensed wedding venues.

Celebrant led ceremonies, however, can be performed anytime, including evenings, in any venue, indoors or outdoors.  You can have your ceremony in woodlands, a beach, favourite place or your own home or garden if you want.


A Celebrant led ceremony includes the exchanging of personalised vows between you. (If you want, I can help you create unique and meaningful vows).


Additional elements such as Handfasting, Unity candle, Unity sand or Remembrance candle can also be included.  If you want your dog as a ring bearer, you can.  Parents, children, family and friends can all be involved in your ceremony if you want to include them.  It’s your ceremony, so do it your way.


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There are many options for you to choose from to make your wedding personal to you.

Marriage / Wedding / Vow Renewal Ceremony

 Plan | Practice | Perform

Discuss Your Vision for Your Ceremony

Agree Draft Outline of Ceremony

Create Draft Ceremony

Venue Liaison / Visit (Where necessary)

Final Draft


Officiate Ceremony

Civic Registration - Health Service Executive (HSE) Requirements

Notification of Intent to marry with the HSE.  You will be responsible for making contact with the HSE, a minimum of 3 months before your proposed marriage date. (I recommend you do this sooner, if possible).  The HSE will provide you with a Marriage Registration Form (MRF Form) which you will need to bring along on the day of your ceremony.

The above meeting with the HSE is called the Notification of Intent to Marry (NOIM) meeting.  This meeting is usually done “in person” and both parties need to attend with their paperwork.  Everyone who marries in Ireland must attend for a NOIM meeting.  At this meeting the HSE will look for various documents, including your Passport and your PPSN Number, etc depending on your personal circumstances.  They will also need the names and dates of birth of your chosen two witnesses who should be over 18.  Check with the HSE before your meeting what paperwork they require.

The NOIM meeting is currently charged at €200 and is payable directly to the HSE

You will be responsible for paying for this direct with the HSE.



Unity Candle

This ritual has a universal meaning.  It symbolises the joining of the couple in marriage as well as the joining of their two original families.  The couple’s mothers can light their individual candles for them as a symbol to show that they are moving on from their family to create a new family together.


Unity Sand

This ritual symbolises the joining of two people/families.  Sand is poured into a glass receptacle of the couples choosing and is a symbolic representation for all to see and for the couple to keep.  This is a nice ritual to use where young children can be involved, and the couple is looking for a ritual to involve the children.


Hand Wrapping / Hand Fasting Ceremony

A Celtic tradition where the hands of the couple are tied with ribbons to symbolise the bringing together of the two hearts in a marriage of strength and unity. The original meaning of “tying the knot”.



I highly recommend that you have a rehearsal within the 4 weeks prior to your ceremony.  Your rehearsal does not need to take place at the venue, it can take place at your home, other agreed venue or online.  Your rehearsal date and time should be agreed as soon as possible.  Ideally, those involved in the ceremony should attend.  If some of your wedding party cannot attend, videos can be taken on your phone, or a "stand-in" can be used.  By conducting a rehearsal you will all feel more relaxed on your wedding day and you will find it more enjoyable.

Some photos of Unity Candle sets created for couples, completed Unity Sand sculptures, Handfasting outdoors and a Ring Warming

LINKS to some great wedding venues


Maryborough House Hotel, Cork

Midleton Park Hotel

Bantry House

Blairscove House - Durrus, West Cork

Springfort Hall Hotel & Country Club,, Mallow, Co Cork

Ballyseede Castle, Tralee

Bayview Hotel, Ballycotton

Barnabrow Country House, East Cork

Ambassador Hotel, Cork

 A deconsecrated Georgian church in the Cork city centre

Triskel Art Centre, Cork

Radisson Blu, Little Island, Cork

Innishannon House Hotel

Imperial Hotel, Cork